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Relaxed arrive - whether business trip, overland trip, romantic trip or what else is present. In Generally, we agree a fixed price.
Wiesbaden sightseeing from € 45,00: This sightseeing tour is beautiful not only for tourists, it is also suitable as a special gift.
Elegant Wedding ride from € 75,00: The wedding couple or bride's father with the bride, let himself be chauffeured with festive elegance. To the Church, to the registry office or even afterwards to the venue . On request, we accept pickup and careful installation of your chosen floral decorations.
European destinations from € 320,00: Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen, Brussels, etc. The often cheaper alternative to trains and planes , plus much more individual and more comfortable. Be without annoying change and endless queues at the counter, no problems with heavy luggage and the best: You may also be late sometimes without missing the connection immediately.

Driving culture ... is the magic word