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"Passengers transportation" for me it means substantially more as to ride a passenger from A to B . Whether short or long distance - our passengers should always feel comfortable and enjoy the ride.
Driving culture is the magic word: with this philosophy, I founded my company in August 2000. Meanwhile, nearly 30 years in Wiesbaden, I feel very at home with my family and talking Speak besides my native language Portuguese - German and English. Comprehensive service and luxurious vehicle stand out to me, the Jaguar is one of the most stylish and most legendary cars in the world.
My Jaguar XF, newest model is regularly serviced and maintained extremely safely and comfortably to get you to your destination. Nevertheless Premium Driving Services does not cost more - have a look at prices.

  "To drive a Jaguar, has always been a dream of Carlos Santos. Now the 41 year-old Wiesbaden has been fulfilled, but he uses the precious vehicle not alone, he gladly shares with many Wiesbadenern ..."
Source: "Wiesbadener Kurier" from 12.07.2005
Driving culture ... is the magic word